About Us:
The PH0R 4 Story
We live in a world of online connectivity. When that connection gets disrupted, it can affect our entire lives! There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to get work done, or watch your favorite show, and having constant drop-outs and buffering. PH0R 4 was designed so you never have to suffer through slow, laggy, underperforming WiFi ever again!
The PH0R 4 Secret
PH0R uses extremely advanced technology, and it was designed for easy-setup and for delivering stable 5-bar WiFi in every room in your home! You can rest assured that with PH0R 4, you’ll have dependable internet that won’t cut out, lag, or frustrate you like your old connection did.
Our Promise to You
We know you’ll love PH0R 4 because we do, too! Everyone does! We’re proud of our product and every purchase comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! If you’re not completely satisfied with your PH0R 4 device, we will gladly exchange it for you!
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Due to challenges related to Covid-19, receipt of your order may take a little longer than normal. Kindly trust and be patient as all essential employees (at our warehouse, DHL, and the US Postal Service) are working hard and doing their best to get packages to our customers during these difficult times! Your order will be delivered, but may be delivered later due to local and global restrictions by postal carriers.
Due to these delays we have experienced an overwhelming amount of calls, emails and chats and kindly ask for your patience and trust your order will be delivered.
Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email with all your tracking information.
Need Help?
If you are looking for more information on PH0R 4 or need help with your PH0R 4 order, then our award-winning customer service agents are standing by to assist you!
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United States and Canada (Toll Free): 855 219 4892
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